All Star Competition Teams

All Star Elite

All-Star Elite is perfect for the athlete committed to cheerleading as their primary sport. Athletes on these teams will practice up to 3 times per week and travel beyond Nebraska and Iowa for competitions.

All Star Prep

All-Star Prep teams are perfect for the beginner, or for those interested in joining a competitive cheer team and also want to play another sport. At Nebraska Cheer Center our Prep teams include a shorter competition season, limited weekly practices, lower financial commitment, limited travel, and a less costly uniform.

All Star Novice

All athletes, Boys and Girls, with little or no cheerleading/tumbling experience are WELCOME! All Star NOVICE is our Half Year team which focuses on skill-building and growth in a low-pressure environment. This is the perfect team to join if you are just beginning or if your family is looking for smaller time and financial commitment. Cheerleaders will perform and compete in 2 or 3 events locally (Omaha area) in the USASF "Novice" division. No tryouts, everyone welcome! Registration starting in September! All Star Novice season runs from September to March.

At NCC we LOVE helping athletes grow, set goals and achieve them, make long lasting and strong friendships, help to create fun family memories to hold onto for a lifetime and contine to be successful in many different ways!!

Although being on a cheer team can be hard work at times, especially during practices, we at Nebraska Cheer Center are also a fun filled, family welcoming gym!  With the hard work that makes the dreams possible, the athlete and coach together are building an environment for the growth of champions!

Our coaching staff is continually preparing to bring new training ideas into the gym for our athletes. Safety is our utmost concern which is why a coach is taught and then tested on how to safely perform each skill. We build the athlete with a strong foundation from the beginning,  moving through the progressions of a skill in the order that they need to be learned. By doing this, we are setting them up for success as they grow and continue to add new skills!

The staff at Nebraska Cheer Center also understands that every athlete needs to be seen as an individual. Some athletes will have a different way of learning so it is up to us to figure out what that is and implement it.

Season 14 is NOW OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT!  It will not be open for too long as the training needs to begin, so don't hesitate, register now!  Contact us for the details!!

Visit the COMPETITION TEAM tab at the top of the page for all the info and the Season 14 Team Packet!

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