All Things CHEER

Our Recreational Cheer Program is called All Things Cheer (formerly known as Cheer FUNdamentals)! This program is focused on learning and mastering the basics of cheerleading. Motions, Jumps, and Stunts are learned during each practice. The goal is to teach the beginning athlete, no matter what their age, the basics of cheerleading. Learning the fundamentals will help prepare them for All-Star Cheerleading, High School Cheerleading, and will ensure they become more flexible and confident athletes. Recreational Cheer is a great, inexpensive way to get involved in cheerleading and a fun way to gain experience in the sport. New athletes (boys and girls) are welcome to join anytime throughout the year.

A great addition to this class would be including a tumbling class. This will truly give you training in all of the sport of cheerleading!

All Things Cheer classes meet once a week for an hour.